Our Vision

At Kyttea Education Centres we believe that a successful educational process should stimulate the learner's interest and make them embrace learning. In the ever-growing modern society, knowledge increases at a rapid pace and the demands of the labour market are constantly evolving. Therefore, training and additional education are necessary to improve knowledge, skills and qualifications on a personal, social and professional level.
We provide high quality educational services to children, adolescents, and adults in a collaborative learning environment, with the aim of developing creative and critical thinking, integral skills for the 21st century.


We select staff with whom we share the same principles and passion for the educational process and encourage their continuous professional development through training courses and educational conferences.
We use modern technology (computers, interactive whiteboards, tablets, distance learning) to make the educational process more inviting and accessible to all learners.


We give learners the opportunity to certify their knowledge by cooperating with trustworthy examination bodies to equip them with qualifications for their professional development.

We cooperate with social and professional bodies to implement social and professional projects, which link adult learners to the job market and prepare our young students to become active world citizens.